Detox Kelapa: 10 days to feel great!

We propose to take you into our world of detox.

Some people turn around when they hear the word “Detox”. It's a scary word. They think they're going to be hungry, be irritable, and miss something.

A detox consists of taking a "break", letting your body recover, regain balance, purify itself ... The detox that we organize does not consist of 3 weeks of fasting! On the contrary!

Thanks to the detox, you will have the following side effects:

Boundless energy

Restful sleep

Radiant skin

Less bloating and stomach aches

And much more...

We are convinced that detox can be experienced as a fun and enjoyable experience. All you're going to try to do is do yourself some good.

The program is oriented around 2 axes:

- fill you with good things (including lots of coconut water, vitamins, minerals in their natural state)

- remove the food responsible for inflammation of the intestines and fatigue.

Coco Choco Detox includes:

- A detox guide of around thirty pages giving you the keys to the success of your detox. This guide is free.

- Discount coupons on our products.

Registration is completely free and without obligation.


"The detox is impressive. In addition, there is a daily email follow-up which helps enormously, gives benchmarks, there is real support."

"I got into my slim in 38/40! I needed this click to re-motivate me. It's done"

"When I think I swore by Milka and Cote d'Or. I even want to ..."

"I found a hell of a peach and a real restful sleep, no more stomach aches either."

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