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Supradelic : des aventuriers de la nutrition

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Thank you for opening this page and for wanting to find out more about us.

We are a small family business based in St Cyr sur Mer in the South of France. We might be small, but it doesn't mean we don't have huge ambitions and values.  

Our mission is to help you thrive, to live a life filled with energy, vibrance and adventure without compromising our beautiful and precious planet. We want to help you begin or pursue your journey to vitality but also offer products that will respect your body and the environment.

For the past 10 years, we have experienced the craziest adventures around the world, and this wouldn't have been possible without fuelling our bodies with whole and organic foods, in particular superfoods.

Our bodies are litteraly starving

Here's the story : our body can't seem find the nutrients it needs to thrive with conventional food. The agro-industry and processed food has not only had a devastating effect on our health (illustrated by the increase of food allergies, food intolerances, auto-immune diseases etc) but big-ag is also destroying our planet's biodiversity and the fertility of our soils all over the world.

At Supradelic, we are convinced we can reverse this trend.

Health is wealth! 

Supradelic : l'âge n'est qu'un chiffre

Thanks to our superfoods and the systems we have been applying for the past few years, it is possible to wean off processed foods.  It is possible to give our bodies the nutrients it's craving for.  It is possible to feel younger at age 50 that in your twenties! All this is possible thanks to a healthy diet and the use of food supplements such as superfoods.

We created Supradelic for YOU.  To introduce you to natural superfoods and food supplements and to systems that will enable you to pursue your journey to health.  All our products are selected with this in mind.  Our bio-available products are carefully curated, they are all certified organic and we take the upmost care to select ethical and fair trade partners to work with.

You are what you eat and at Supradelic, we have curated a selection of bio-available products that will leverage the extraordinary power of nature.  They are basically what we call superfoods : from black garlic (which, by the way, is absolutely delicious), to adaptogens such as CBD oil and medicinal mushrooms, antioxydant-packed foods like raw cacao and coconut sugar to wellness products such as our magnesium oils and gels and our Flaska water bottles... you are in the right place if you are trying to transition to a healthy lifestyle, increase your immunity or take your steps towards a healthier and more meaningful life.

When you purchase our products, you are directly contributing to the change you want to see 

We are very proud members of 1% For The Planet : when you buy something from us, 1% of our sales will be donated to environmental non-profits. 

Supradelic est membre de 1% for the Planet

This was the least we could do to help save what's left of our glorious planet.  un engagement à minima pour nous propulser dans le monde d'après. Follow our philanthropic journey here.

That said, we're human beings just like you : we're constantly learning and definitely do not claim to know it all. But, we can guarantee that what we do have is the burning desire to make a difference and to help you find (or pursue) your journey to wellness.

We sincerely hope that your experience at Supradelic will be the best possible.  If there's anything we've learned with the COVID pandemic, it's to take care of your body, it's the only place to live. 

For any questions, please check out our FAQ or contact us or nfollow us on Instagram to see what's going on behind the scenes.

Take care

Imogen Barneaud